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Fuji X-Pro2

I got my Fuji X-Pro2 just before my trip to China & Taiwan in September of 2017 and even though I was able to take some nice pictures I still did not really know how to use the camera. 2 Years later I am still learning some of its features and those of the lenses that I own.

That being said I am glad that I made the transition from my Canon DSLR to Fuji’s mirrorless camera. With the purchase of my first manual focus lens, a Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm f/4.0 I feel that I am entering a new level of photography. One that finally matches technique to the art of photography and the rationalization of my equipment.

Lenses for Fuji X-Mount

12 Jul 2015 7

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I’ve continued to build up my lens collection with the addition of the Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical lens and the only lens I still feel is missing is a decent macro lens. The Fujinon XF60mm F2.4 Macro does not support a true 1:1 macro view but it should fit my needs for California Native plant photos.

Every lens has a story to tell:

  • Zeiss Touit 12mm - This is the lens I use for panoramas which I normally use on a tripod to get those wide-angle shots.
  • Fujinon 10-24mm - My lens for cityscapes, especially involving churches and other architecture.
  • Fujinon 16-55mm, 50-140mm, Voigtlander Nokton 40mm - My high-speed lenses for low light and when I need extra reach.
  • Voigtländer 21mm, Fujinon 23mm, 35mm - My walk around lenses for markets and other general photography.
  • Fujinon 50mm, 90mm - My portrait lenses.

The only lens I feel is missing from my collection is a decent macro lens, and it doesn’t need to be a full macro at that. One just to take pictures of food, plants, and flowers. I do wish that Fuji came out with a line of small manual focus primes but I assume the market for those is too small for the company to address.

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