A Long Desire
This sensual yearning for knowledge, this insatiable wanderlust, this long desire.
My travels through Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and other destinations around the world.

Canon 1D MK2 Photographing people has never come natural to me. With my background in architecture I felt closer to buildings than to my fellow man. Thus my recent stay in South East Asia marked quite a breakthrough photographically helped along no less by the distance between our cultures. In a strange way I felt less intrusive because there was already such a wide gulf between our shared experiences to start with and the camera only served to record it. Yet when I photographed children they seemed for the most part drawn to the camera if only in search of a small reward that I was only to glad to give.

Currently I am using a Canon 1D MK2 DSLR which is quite a behemoth at 1200g (wo/batteries), add to that multiple lenses and other paraphernalia and you were fully committed. This was not a camera for "holiday snaps". I normally take a selection of 4 lenses with me when I travel, a 14mm wide angle plus 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm zooms. All are top of the line L series. I have other lenses including a 100mm macro, a 24mm Tilt & Shift, 24-105mm and a 300mm telephoto but they don't get out much anymore. I can get some decent images with this camera, limited by my ability more than the hardware. Still there is much to learn with regards to the proper settings required to maximize your chance for success in recording what your mind's eye has already captured.

I also have a Canon HV20 HD video camera that I still have not really figured out how to use. I have always been about the "decisive moment" so I am really late to the video game.

Taking Pictures
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USMTaking photographs involves both software and hardware. The software in this case is your mind's eye and refers to the human ability for visualizhttp://slotcarillustrated.com/portal/forums/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=376390ation, i.e., for the experiencing of visual mental imagery; in other words, one's ability to "see" things with the mind. The hardware is of course your camera, lenses and flash.

What triggers your mind's eye is the actual visual / physical image that you come in contact with. Your brain will process this image and attempt to relate what it sees to your conscious and subconscious mind. The goal is to capture more than the image itself, in laymen's terms "a feeling" that the image has engendered, the photograph as a story in a single image.

In order to do this sometimes you have to break down the "reality" of the image itself. That's why a picture of a sunset is always that ... a sunset. Its "reality" is too strong and all you'll ever see is the sunset. It's a trap most holiday "snaps" fall into, mine included. Only when you can break it down can your story take precedence. One of the reasons that I like B & W is that because we see in color shooting in B & W helps to break down that reality.

Camera Gear
Climbing Gear at Altrec Outdoors Having the proper gear certainly helps but should a small budget should not be a hindrance. Even a point & shoot camera can take great pictures as long as its limitations are understood. For now lets discuss DSLRs and I'll get back to point & shoots later. One of the first additions I would suggest is a good + light tripod. Unfortunately good and light doesn't come cheap if your serious about photography. By far the best tripod you could hope to buy are those made by Gitzo. For my Canon 1D Mk2 I like the Gitzo GT3541LS. This will get you a set of legs and you'll still need a head. I use Acratech GP Ballhead and Leveling Base combo. Add a Nodal rail for panoramas and you're in business. Oh I forgot to mention I always use an L-Bracket as well which did double duty in Singapore as a bit of armor.

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